Welcome to our Massage Menu.  Here you will find prices and descriptions for all our stress relieving treatments.  Call 918-782-9346 to schedule your relaxing Southern Oaks massage.

**Please schedule massage appointments prior to your arrival.

Swedish Massage
Known worldwide for increasing circulation, relieving muscle pain & tension, and reducing stress. This style of massage is highly recommended for those receiving their first massage.

60 min. $65 • 90 min. $105

Therapeutic Massage
A cross between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, the therapeutic massage utilizes medium pressure to enhance a deeper relaxation of the muscles.

60 min. $70 • 90 min. $115

Deep Tissue Massage
 A deeper, firmer massage that incorporates Swedish movements and deep tissue techniques to effect the release of recurring  muscle tension. This normally requested by those who receive massages frequently.

60 min. $75 • 90 min. $125

Bamboo massage therapy is increasing in popularity.  This type of massage therapy is soothing while being quite deep.  During the seesion the therapist uses bamboo shoots to perform the massage.

60 min. $ 75 • 90 min. $125

Warm River Rock
Experience the warmth of smooth river stones as they nurture your body.  This ancient art of healing helps to relieve tense muscles, soothe sorejoints and ease stressed emotions. The deep penetrating heat aids in centering your body with mother earth.

60 min. $75 • 90 min. $125

Originated in the orient, based on the idea that stimulation of particular points on the surface of the body has an effect on other areas or organs in the body. An invigorating massage of hands, feet, face, and ears provides a release of stress and tension in the entire body.

30 min. $45 • 60 min. $70

Scalp Massage
Tension, stress and headaches melt away as expert therapists perform an invigorating neck, scalp and temple rejuvenating treatment.

30 min. $45

Neck, Back & Shoulders
Many people carry tension in their neck, back and shoulders. This therapy revitalizes these regions of the body. After your massage, you will walk away renewed, refreshed and ready to face the world.

30 min. $45 • 60 min. $75



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